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Magic Moments - A guide to teaching Creative Dance in the Classroom

ISBN: 9781877498008
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Magic Moments Cover
Create the magic of dance. This book is a guide to teaching creative dance in the early years. It is designed to support teachers to create an organised environment where students feel confident to express themselves. It provides engaging themes, detailed lesson plans and strategies for managing whole-class dance.

Pages: 52 | Ages: 4-8

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About the Author

Frances Reed has a BA (Hons) in education dance/drama from Exeter University, England. For the past 10 years she has lived in New Zealand where she is a registered and experienced primary teacher.

Frances juggles being a full-time classroom practitioner with lecturing in dance at tertiary institutions. She is passionate about creative dance for children and has her own private classes, Magic Moments, for juniors, and Creative Souls, for seniors. Frances has also authored resources about multisensory learning under her married name, Adlam.

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