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Accelerate Progress with Writing - How your teaching practice can encourage student writing that is purposeful, challenging and motivating

ISBN: 9781776554317
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Accelerate Progress with Writing Cover

The Accelerate Progress with Writing programme provides the structure students need to plan for and compose texts independently and in groups based on their learning needs. At the same time, it recognises the importance of variety so, while anchored by a clear routine, it changes the motivation, igniters, focus and tasks regularly. Building on and supporting essential dimensions of effective teaching practice, it is designed to enrich and enhance students’ progress, enjoyment and sense of success along with their writing skills.

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Pages: 60 | Ages: 5-12

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About the Author

Katie Pennicott has been teaching for 20 years, with experience from Years 1–8, and has been a deputy principal for 12 years. Passionate about teaching, she has created shared progressions, goals and expectations across the entire school, with vocabulary that is consistent between classes, and developed an innovative curriculum system that reflects deliberate, timely, targeted teaching. Katie’s students know how to succeed because they know she cares, expects the best and gives her best. She also enjoys developing best practice in her colleagues, and mentors her entire staff through observations, feedback and professional development. In 2016, Katie was a finalist in the Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Education. She won the ASG NEiTA Inspirational Educator Regional Award. In 2017, Invercargill Middle School was a joint winner of the Excellence in Teaching and Learning Award at the Prime Minister’s Education Excellence Awards. In 2018 Katie won the ASG National Excellence in Teaching Award. She is currently working towards her Masters degree.

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